Type 1 Fall 2017

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Week 11 HW


November 17 — Final Project Introduction
November 21 — Final Project First Draft / Revision
December 01 — Final Project Second Draft / Revision / Trip to the Herb Lubalin Study Center
December 08 — Final Project Third Draft / Revision / Guest Critic Visit
December 15 — Final Exam / Everything is due (more on that coming soon).

To create a booklet and 3 posters (as part of a poster series) for The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at CCNY. The theme for the series will be decided by you based on your research. It could be inspired by an interview, essay, or written publication about the architect and his/her work.

This fictional lectures series will take place as part of a 3-day lecture series in the Spring of 2017. The exact dates are up to you.


Alberto Gomes - Ole Scheeren

Emma Gill - Kazuyo Sejima

Isabella DeBrito - Bjarke Ingels

Jade Watermiller - 

Jasmine Rodriguez - Rozana Montiel

Jia Yan Yuan - Hiroshi Nakamura

Joel Chaidez - Alison Brooks

Joel Montero - Adrian Smith

Min Wen - Jean Nouvel

Nitasha Tiene - Tadao Ando

Ren Qiang Yuan - He Jingtang

Xinying Ren - I. M. Pei

Yasmin Neil - Will Alsop

Zoey Zou - Wang Shu


3 posters 10 x 16 in
1 20-pg Booklet any dimension (feel free to experiment with format)

The posters must include:

  • name of architect
  • date
  • location
  • lecture series title
  • credits to the host, and sponsors of the lecture series.

The booklet must include the following:

Pg 1 — Cover
Pg 2-3 — Title page - Table of Contents
Pg 4-5 — Architect's Biography
Pg 6-9 — Interview, essay, or written publication about the architect.
Pg 10-13 — Selected works by the architect.
Pg 14-17 — Lecture dates
Pg 18 — Credits - Bibliography - colophon
Pg 20 — Back Cover



November 21 — First Draft
First Draft of the 3 posters and booklet.
We'll discuss the balance of form and function in your design. In order to get the best feedback you must have all your content (text and images) ready to go.

December 01 — Second Draft / Revision
Second Draft of the 3 posters and booklet.
We'll discuss the underlying structure (grid and style) that will make the posters and brochure work as a cohesive design system. In order to get the best feedback you must have all your work as close to the final stage as possible. We'll meet at the Lubalin Center on that day. I'll collect your work and email you my feedback.

December 08 — Final Deliverables for critique
Bring your final draft of the posters and the booklet for critique by a visiting guest critic.
We will begin promptly at 2:30pm so be on time and ready to present. Each student will get roughly 5-8 minutes.

December 15 — Final Exam (Bring Everything)
More details on this later but for now, please bring the revised versions of the following:

  • Revised 16-20 Pg MLK booklet (combine you best ideas from the three booklets into one cohesive piece).
  • Type Specimen with Specimen Sheets (Revised Type Specimen)
  • Final Project

We'll do critiques in groups. Make sure to show up on time, sign-up, and be ready to present.
At the beginning of each class, please pin up your posters in sequential order and have your booklet printed and assembled.
Export and submit PDF files of your work. I won't accept InDesign files. If you're having technical difficulties first google it, then ask a classmate, a lab assistant, and last but not least, ask me.
First Draft is V1.00, Second Draft is V2.00, Critique is V3.00, and Final is V4.00. Please add a .01 for each revision that you send me throughout the week if you want extra feedback.

  • YourName_Architect_Booklet_V1.00.pdf
  • YourName_Architect_Poster01_V1.00.pdf
  • YourName_Architect_Poster02_V1.00.pdf
  • YourName_Architect_Poster03_V1.00.pdf


Find an architect for your project. Write his/her name on the board as well as a comment on the blog to avoid duplicates.

Answer the following questions:

Name *

When you talk about your architect during critique be ready to introduce their work. Please write a concise paragraph or two that answers these 4 questions and post them as comments on this blog. Be ready to introduce your work by answering those questions during critique.

  1. Who is your architect?
  2. Where are they from and where do they practice?
  3. What attracted you to their work and practice?
  4. What is the theme of the lecture series (your project)?
  5. How did you convey that theme through your work?