Type 1 Fall 2017

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Week 2 HW

Get familiar with the class Shared Drive. For more information see the Alerts page.


Lettering Handout



Read the following sections: Superfamilies, Caps and Small Caps, Mixing Typefaces

Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton



House Industries: Interview with Ken Barber

Erik van Blokland on Drawing

A quick recording of sketching letterforms from the inside out. Postpone drawing the actual outline until you have an idea where it is. Just drawing any line isn't going to make it the right one. Better to ignore drawing the contour altogether and focus on proportion, contrast, weight, the white shapes as well as the black shape. The pen keeps the same amplitude and direction. Thus it performs similar to a broad nib pen and the contrast follows easily. Modulating the amplitude (shown later on) simulates the expansion of the flexible nib pen. This is by no means intended as an example of great lettering. These particular letters would benefit from a dab of white paint and perhaps an iteration or two on tracing paper. But it shows how to get started. Similar to the sketching techniques shown by David Gates in Lettering for Reproduction.


Submit your Garamond g's from Week 1 HW.  If you didn't finish coloring yours, have it colored in black (pencil or marker, just make it as dark as possible) for next class.

Revise—using the sketching and tracing techniques—and finish your "New York City" lettering pieces.

Write a brief paragraph that answers these 3 questions and post them as one comment before the beginning of next class:

  1. What font(s) did you use as reference for your drawing? why did you choose that one? What characteristics of the font attracted you to it?
  2. What was the most difficult and the easiest part of this exercise?
  3. If you could make a change to your NYC lettering piece, what would that change be?

Scan your New York City lettering piece and save it as 300dpi high quality jpegs inside the Lettering folder on the Shared Drive as:

  • YourName_NYC.jpg



  1. Your NYC lettering piece: the original on tracing paper and the printout where I can write notes.
  2. Post your writings on the comments section and be ready to read your paragraph at the beginning of next class.

If you missed the first class, check out the Alerts section.