Type 1 Fall 2017

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Week 5 HW


Typography Part A — Bodoni Portfolio Template

Typography Part A — Caslon Portfolio Template

Revival Postcards Template



Complete your portfolio, export a pdf, and sent it to me via email. 

YourName_Typography-PartA_CaslonPortfolio.pdf or YourName_Typography-PartA_BodoniPortfolio.pdf

To see what an ideal (A student) portfolio looks like, check the portfolio sample below:

Typography Part A — Portfolio Sample


The postcards on the Portfolio sample are my own designs and are only there to give you an idea of how much you can do with only a few letters. I expect you to come up with your own designs.

  1. Character Set Composition: Design a composition showing all the letters that you have digitized.
  2. Typography I Composition: Design a composition using the letter that make up the words Typography I.

  3. Majuscule Composition: Design a composition using only an uppercase letter.

  4. Minuscule Composition: Design a composition using only a lowercase letter.

  5. Typographic Detail 1: Design a composition showing off a detail of an uppercase letter.

  6.  Typographic Detail 2: Design a composition showing off a detail of a lowercase letter.

  7. Book Cover 1: Design a book cover using the letters from your revival typeface.

  8. Book Cover 2: Design a book cover using the letters from your revival typeface.


  1. Download the template in the "Download" section.
  2. Design you postcards on each of the Artboards.
  3. Export files as PNGs and make sure to check the box that says Use Artboards
  4. Place the exported pngs on your portfolio



  1. Make sure your type is not stretched.
  2. Make sure you answer all the questions.
  3. Make sure your scans are at 300dpi and your work is not accidentally cropped.
  4. Make sure your comments are set in Minion Pro 9/12pt. Your character panel should look like the image below.


An Interview with Dan Rhatigan by Monotype

Interviewed at his home in New York City, Dan Rhatigan discusses the importance of typography to today's culture and to him, personally. Learn more about Monotype at monotype.com. Follow Monotype on Twitter @Monotype and on Instagram @bymonotype.


A printed and digital submission (pdf via email) of your completed portfolio.