Type 1 Fall 2017

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Week 6 HW


Document Setup

  1. Open InDesign & hit Cmd+N to create a new document
  2. Intent = Print
  3. Uncheck Facing Pages
  4. No. of Pages = 1
  5. Page Size = Custom
    Name = Square, Width = 6in, Height = 6in 
  6. Check Preview
  7. Column Number = 3, Gutter = 12pt or 1p0
  8. Margin = 24pt or 2p0
  9. Bleed = .125in or 0p9
  10. Hit Ok

Baseline Grid

  1. Hit Cmd+K to access the Preference window and go to the Grids tab.
  2. Color = Light Gray
  3. Start = 0
  4. increment = 6pt
  5. View Threshold = 5%
  6. Hit Ok

Units & Increments

  1. Hit Cmd+K to access the Preference window and go to the Units and Increments tab.
  2. Kerning/Tracking = 2/1000em

Creating Rows

  1. Go to the Layout Menu and select Ruler Guides and change the color to Red
  2. Go to the Layout Menu and select Create Guides and change the color to Red
  3. Create rulers 3 rows, 12pt gutter, fit guides to Margin
  4. Hit Ok

Text Frame Options

  1. Hit T and make a text box
  2. Hit Cmd+B and on the Baseline Option tab set the Offset to Leading
  3. Hit Ok


Bembo's Zoo by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich

Flat File Issue N°3 — Gerstner's Capital

Hidden Gem: Alisal by Anthony Noel from Monotype

Mapping Graphic Design History in Switzerland by Robert Lzicar and Davide Fornari

Typographische Monatsblätter (Research Archive) by Louise Paradis

Typographische Monatsblätter 1980, Issue 4 Cover design by  Christian Mengelt



Thinking with Type: Grids Pg 111-153

The Vignelli Canon Pg 40-52

Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Muller-Brockmann Pg. 9-13



Massimo Vignelli Makes Books

Massimo Vignelli discusses his approach to book design in a video produced for Mohawk's "What Will You Make Today?" campaign. Video design by Michael Bierut/Pentagram.

Bembo's Zoo


Paula Scher by Hillman Curtis



Research the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez and using the square grid we created in class, interpret the title to create 3 compositions:

  1. Convey the idea of “the passing of time.”
  2. Convey the idea of “solitude.”
  3. Convey the idea of “fate”


  • You must use all of the following text: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez
  • Only use Helvetica Bold in upper and lowercase.
  • Don’t use numerals.
  • Don’t stretch type.
  • Don’t duplicate text.
  • Don’t use transparency or any effects such as stroke or fill.
  • Keep your text live.
  • Changing the point size, kerning, tracking, leading is allowed.
  • Baseline shifts and rotation are also allowed.
  • You are also allowed to break the text into words and/or into individual letters. Don’t be limited by text-boxes instead, use the margin and baseline grids to your advantage.

Answer the following questions before the beginning of next class:

  1. How did you convey the idea of “the passing of time” in your composition?
  2. How did you convey the idea of “solitude in your composition?
  3. How did you convey the idea of “fate”  in your composition?

Print and trim your compositions by the beginning of next class. Be ready talk about your work by reading your answers from the homework.