Type 1 Fall 2018

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Week 15 HW


Hi class, your final exam will take place on Friday 12/21 from 1:00-3:15pm according to our Final Exam Schedule. Please show up to your appointments on time and bring all your work (scroll down for more details). If you didn't make it to class last Friday, I've assigned you a spot. So please show up on time!

1:00 Shara
1:10 Hannah
1:20 Jay
1:30 Lee
1:50 Dani

2:00 David
2:10 Chris
2:20 Qingqing
2:40 Lupe
2:50 Liping

3:00 FX
3:10 Allen



Our final exam is a formal one-on-one interview where you submit and present all the work you've done since the first portfolio. Make sure you have all your work printed, trimmed, and assembled. All digital files should be sent to me via email before our appointment. I will only accept PDFs, please don't send Illustrator or InDesign files unless I specifically request it.



I expect you all to act professionally and have your work with you at your appointment time. This includes printed and digital files. I'll deduct points if you're late or unprepared.



Please look at the syllabus for more details.

25% Participation

25% Portfolio_A

25% Portfolio_B  (10% MLK + 15% Type Specimen)

25% Final Project



Bring the revised versions of these 3 projects:

  1. Martin Luther King
    Condense your 3 booklets into a single 16 or 20 page booklet.

  2. Type Specimen
    Revise your type specimen and specimen sheets. Please check for typos, widows, orphans, missing page numbers, horizontal alignment, leading, hierarchy, and badly ragged paragraphs, etc.

  3. Architect Lecture Series (Final Project)
    Revised brochure and posters, check for the usual suspects (mentioned above).

Don't forget to send me final PDF files for all of them before your appointment. I will need those digital files and your printed files for your final grade. Here's the list of files I expect with the following naming convention (I'll take points off for not doing this properly):

  • FistNameLastName_19018_MLK_NameofTypeface(s)

  • FistNameLastName_19018_NameofTypeface_Specimen

  • FistNameLastName_19018_NameofTypeface_SpecimenSheets

  • FistNameLastName_19018_NameofArchitect_Booklet

  • FistNameLastName_19018_NameofArchitect_Posters



The best pieces of all projects will be part of the  2019 EDM Student Show, so please bring only the best physical versions of your work.