Type 1 Fall 2018

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Week 2 HW

Get familiar with the class Shared Drive. For more information see the Alerts page.


Lettering Handout



Read the following sections: Superfamilies, Caps and Small Caps, Mixing Typefaces
Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton



Week 2 videos on the Lectures section.



The Dark Knight

  • Allen - Palatino Bold
  • Dani - Perpetua Bold
  • David - Salome Stencil
  • Fons - Helvetica Neue Bold
  • Jayy - Antique Olive Std. Black

Black Panther

  • Chris - Trade Gothic LT Std Bold No. 2
  • Hannah - Verdana Regular
  • Lee - Charter Roman
  • Lupe - Hobeaux Rococeaux Sherman
  • Qingqing - Eagle Lake Regular

The Social Network

  • FX - Impact Regular
  • Kiahra - Fira Mono Bold
  • Liping - Optima Bold
  • Shara - Input Mono Condensed Bold
  • Teng - Futura Bold



Submit your Garamond g's from Week 1 HW.  If you didn't finish coloring yours, have it colored in black (pencil or marker, just make it as dark as possible) for next class.

Work on 3 directions for your lettering project.

Write a brief paragraph that answers these 3 questions and post them as one comment before the beginning of next class:

  1. For each direction, please explain how the typeface you used as reference influenced your lettering piece and composition? Using proper terminology, talk about the typographic details you modified or left unchanged, as well as, the reasons why.
  2. What was the most difficult and the easiest part of this project? Why?
  3. What are some of the things you're happy and unhappy with on your lettering piece? Why?

Scan your 3 lettering pieces and save them as 300dpi high quality jpegs inside the Lettering folder on the Shared Drive as:

  • YourName_MovieTitle_Version-01_Draft-001.jpg    ☛    JonDoe_TheThing_Version-01_Draft-001.jpg
  • YourName_MovieTitle_Version-02_Draft-001.jpg    ☛    JonDoe_TheThing_Version-02_Draft-001.jpg
  • YourName_MovieTitle_Version-03_Draft-001.jpg    ☛    JonDoe_TheThing_Version-03_Draft-001.jpg



  1. Scan, upload, print, and pin your 3 lettering pieces to the board for critique at the beginning of the next class.
  2. Post your writings on the comments section and be ready to present your 3 directions at the beginning of next class.

*If you missed the first class, check out the Alerts section.