Type 1 Fall 2018

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Week 7 HW


Document Setup

  1. Open InDesign & hit Cmd+N to create a new document

  2. Intent = Print

  3. Check Facing Pages

  4. No. of Pages = 8

  5. Page Size = Custom (Portrait)
    Name = Booklet01, Width = 5in, Height = 6.5in

  6. Check Preview

  7. Column Number = 3, Gutter = 12pt or 1p0

  8. Margin = 24pt or 2p0

  9. Bleed = .125in or 0p9

  10. Hit Ok

Baseline Grid

  1. Hit Cmd+K to access the Preference window and go to the Grids tab.

  2. Color = Light Gray

  3. Start = 0

  4. increment = 6pt

  5. View Threshold = 5%

  6. Hit Ok

Units & Increments

  1. Hit Cmd+K to access the Preference window and go to the Units and Increments tab.

  2. Kerning/Tracking = 2/1000em

Creating Rows

  1. Go to the Layout Menu and select Ruler Guides and change the color to Red

  2. Go to the Layout Menu and select Create Guides. Create 6 rows, 12pt gutter, fit guides to Margin

  3. Hit Ok

Text Frame Options

  1. Hit T and make a text box

  2. Hit Cmd+B and on the Baseline Option tab set the Offset to Leading

  3. Hit Ok




pg 1 — Cover
pg 2 — Quote
pg 3 — Title Page
pg 4 — Essay
pg 5 — Essay
pg 6 — Essay
pg 7 — Essay
pg 8 — Credits/Colophon


The Quadrant System by Tony Zhuo


The Geometry of a Scene by Tony Zhuo


Graphic Means: A film by Briar Levit


Typographics 2015: The Picture in The Word with Abbott Miller (Abbott’s talk starts at 3:44).



Using the grid we developed in class, turn Martin Luther King Jr.'s Speech into a series of 3 booklets. 


  1. Using Minion Pro: Regular, Bold, and Regular Italic.

  2. Using Helvetica: Regular, Bold, and Regular Italic

  3. Combining Both Minion and Helvetica


  • Cover Page

  • Smallest allowed point size is 6pt.

  • Smallest lines space size is 12pt—increase or decrease by multiples of 6. For example 15/18, 20/24, etc. See what looks right for you.

  • Text size 9.5/12 (this means 9.5 point size and 12 pt line space)

  • You must use all 8 pages

  • Bring trimmed spreads to next class

  • See image below for reference.



Answer the following questions before the beginning of next class:

  1. How did Minion influence your booklet design? Where do you think it works best? Why?

  2. How did Helvetica influence your booklet design? Where do you think it works best? Why?

  3. In what ways did you combine Minion and Helvetica? Why?




Adobe InDesign: Formatting text paragraph styles

Adobe InDesign: Formatting text character styles



  1. Open your document and go File > Print Booklet.

  2. On the Print Booklet window — Setup
    Pages: All
    Booklet Type: 2-up Saddle Stitch
    Check Automatically Adjust to fit Marks and Bleeds
    Check Print Blank Printer Spreads
    Click on the Print Settings... button at the bottom of the window.

  3. On the Print Window — Setup
    Paper Size: US Letter
    Orientation: Landscape
    Scale: Width 100% Height 100%
    Page Position: Centered

  4. On the Print Window — Marks and Bleeds
    Check Crop Marks
    Click on the Printer… button at the bottom of the window.

  5. On the Warning Window
    Click OK

  6. On the Print window
    Select printer 124 (recomended by IT).
    Copies: 1
    Check Two-Sided
    Pages per Sheet: 1
    Border: None
    Two-Sided: Short-Edge binding
    Click Print to exit the Print Window
    Click OK to exit the previous Print Window

  7. Check the Preview option on the Print Booklet Window.
    If everything looks fine, click Print.