Type 1 Fall 2019

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Week 1 HW


What is Typography?

Read the following sections: Anatomy, Size, Scale, Type Classification, and Type Families.
Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton



Week 1 videos on the Lectures section.



Garamond g

  1. Draw a Garamond lowercase g from the printout on a tabloid size 11" × 17" piece of paper. The drawing must be as large as the piece of paper and colored black. Make the letterform as dark as possible. You can achieve this by using, pencils, markers, etc.

    You must only draw from the small sample provided in class. Tracing is prohibited. Try to get it as close as you can to the original.

  2. After that, draw your own idealized version of a Garamond lowercase g. Change all the characteristics that you feel could be different or ‘better’ than the original design on the printout.

  3. Write a brief paragraph that answers these 3 questions and post it as a comment:

What things did you learn or notice about the Garamond g?

Was it difficult or easy to scale the drawing?  Why do think that is?

What changes did you make on your version of the g (list them out)? Why did you make those changes?

Pin both of your 11x17in drawings side by side (original on the left, revised drawing on the right) and be ready to read your paragraph(answers) to the class.

Bring all materials from the syllabus. We’ll study calligraphy and lettering next week.

You can find the materials online or at the following stores: