Type 1 Spring 2017

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Week 5 HW


Typography Part A Portfolio Template

Typography Part A Portfolio Sample



Complete your portfolio, export a pdf, and upload it to the Portfolio folder on the Shared Drive as :


To see what an ideal (A student) portfolio looks like, check the sample above.

Make sure your comments are set in Minion Pro 9/12pt. Your character panel should look like the image below.


An Interview with Dan Rhatigan

Interviewed at his home in New York City, Dan Rhatigan discusses the importance of typography to today's culture and to him, personally. Learn more about Monotype at monotype.com. Follow Monotype on Twitter @Monotype and on Instagram @bymonotype.


Print your portfolio and submit it at the beginning of next class.



Submit your lettering piece and revival for display on the hallway. Use the following template and don't forget to check out the sample submission.



Upload your extra credit pdf inside the Extra Credit folder in the Shared Drive and name it as:

  • YourName_ExtraCredit