Type 1 Spring 2019

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Week 14 HW


Our guest critic this Friday is my friend Javier Viramontes. He is a type designer, graphic designer, and full-time faculty at New Haven University. His typeface Kawak was published by Latino Type in 2016 and his side project Format.xyz explores the intersection of art, design, and practice. I'm very happy to have him with us today.

The critiques will start promptly at 2:30pm. Please sign up for a slot as soon as you enter the classroom, hang your posters and have your booklets ready to present and ask questions.

Please give a concise presentation of your project. When you present, talk about the following:

  • Give a brief introduction about your architect’s work and talk about why you chose that architect.

  • Talk about your architect's design aesthetic/ideology/practice and how that is reflected on your posters and booklet.

  • Talk about your type choice and the concept behind the lecture series. How did you made that concept visual through your posters and booklet.


  1. Andrew ➨ Maya Lin

  2. Betzaida ➨ Balkrishna Doshi

  3. Genesis ➨ Francine Houben

  4. Jessica ➨ Sara Caples & Everardo Jefferson

  5. Judith ➨ Amale Andraos

  6. Lissy ➨ Fernanda Canales

  7. Naidya ➨ Bjarke Ingels

  8. Violet ➨ Tatiana Bilbao

  9. Yuni ➨ Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo

  10. Zen ➨ Carol Ross Barney

  11. Ellie ➨ Hiroshi Nakamura

  12. Francesca Blanco ➨ Elizabeth Diller

  13. Rouya ➨ Alberto Kalach

  14. Ashley ➨


May 10 — Final Deliverables for critique
Bring your final draft of the posters and the booklet for critique by a visiting guest critic.
We will begin promptly at 2:30pm so be on time and ready to present. Each student will get roughly 5-8 minutes.
Sign up at the beginning of the class.

May 17 — Final Exam (Bring Everything)
More details on this later but for now, please bring the revised (final) versions of the following:

  • Type Specimen with Specimen Sheets Inserts

  • Final Project posters and booklet



Our final class will meet on Friday, May 17 1:00pm-3:15pm

Please sign up for a one-on-one meeting today as soon as you enter the classroom :)