Type 1 Spring 2019

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Week 3 HW


Call It What It Is by John Downer

Drawing for Interpolation by Erik van Blokland




Week 3 videos on the Lectures section.



Typeface Mechanics: 001 by Tobias Frere-Jones

Typeface Mechanics: 002 by Tobias Frere-Jones

Type Terms Cheat Sheet

Type Cheat Sheet



The Bézier Game

Drawing for Interpolation by Erik van Blokland

Hand Lettering: How to Vector Your Letterforms by Scott Biersack


Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool Tutorial for Logos and Typography by Matt Borchert


Modern Techniques for Digitizing Script Alphabets by James Edmonson



A type revival can mean many things as defined by John Downer's "Call It What It Is" essay for Emigre. For this assignment, our revival will be an homage to Caslon and Bodoni. I'll divide the class into two groups, team Caslon and Team Bodoni

Bodoni Team

  • Bee

  • Francesca

  • Jessica

  • Judith

  • Yuni

  • Andrew

  • Charles

  • Genesis


Caslon Team

  • Naidya

  • Lissy

  • Rouya

  • Violet

  • Ellie

  • Zee

  • Ashley

Caslon was designed by William Caslon in 1722. It was considered the first original English typeface and was used extensively throughout the British Empire in the early eighteen century. Benjamin Franklin used it extensively and in fact it was the font used to set both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution

Bodoni was designed by Giambattisa Bodoni in 1798 and is generally considered a modern serif typeface. One of the earlier publications using Bodoni was Dante’s La Vita Nuova in 1925.



The type revival project files are located inside the Revival folder in the shared drive:

The Source Files folder contains high-res scans of both Bodoni and Caslon for reference. The folder contains the following files:

  • Bodoni_Bold_150dpi_BookofAmericanTypes_ATF.jpg

  • Bodoni_Bold_300dpi_BookofAmericanTypes_ATF.jpg

  • Bodoni_Bold_600dpi_BookofAmericanTypes_ATF.jpg

  • Bodoni_Bold_1200dpi_BookofAmericanTypes_ATF.jpg

  • BodoniBold Regulated.jpg

  • Caslon_Heavy_150dpi_ATF1912.jpg

  • Caslon_Heavy_300dpi_ATF1912.jpg

  • Caslon_Heavy_600dpi_ATF1912.jpg

  • Caslon_Heavy_1200dpi_ATF1912.jpg

  • Caslon_Heavy_Distinctly.jpg

The Templates folder contains the illustrator files that you'll need to complete this assignment. I provided both EPS and AI illustrator files since EPS are more backwards compatible with older versions of Illustrator. Please download and use the EPS only if the Illustrator file won't open on your computer. The folder contains the following files:

  • BodoniBold Revival_Template.ai
    BodoniBold Revival_Template.eps

  • Bodoni_Words_Template.ai

  • CaslonHeavy Revival_Template.ai
    CaslonHeavy Revival_Template.eps

  • Caslon_Words_Template.ai



Download and complete either the BodoniBold Revival_Template.ai or CaslonHeavy Revival_Template.ai revival worksheet using the Prototyping technique shown in class. Make sure to check the Drawing for Interpolation reference sheet as well as this vectorizing tutorial. When you're done, export a pdf and email it to me named as:

  • YourName_BodoniBold.pdf

  • YourName_CaslonHeavy.pdf

Download and complete either the Bodoni_Words_Template.ai or Caslon_Words_Template.ai worksheet. 

For Bodoni, typeset the words delegated, leagued, and eagled
Line 1: delegated
Line 2: leagued
Line 3: eagled

For Caslon, typeset the words stylistic, nittily, and instils.
Line 1: stylistic
Line 2: nittily
Line 3: instils

When you're done, export a pdf and email it to me named as:

  • YourName_BodoniBold_Words.pdf

  • YourName_CaslonHeavy_Words.pdf

Write a brief paragraph answering these questions and post as a comment on the blog.

  1. What was the easiest and hardest thing about this assignment? Talk about your process/experience of digitizing your lettering piece.

  2. What was the hardest and easiest letter (or part of a letter) to draw? Why?

  3. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

Revise your TypeCooker pieces according to my comments. After that, please scan at 300dpi high quality jpegs and upload it to the Lettering folder on Shared Drive with the following name:

  • YourName_TypeCooker_Easy_002-Translation.jpg

  • YourName_TypeCooker_Easy_002-Expansion.jpg

  • YourName_TypeCooker_Easy_002-Transitional.jpg 


  1. A printout of the completed BodoniBold Revival_Template.ai or CaslonHeavy Revival_Template.ai worksheet.

  2. A printout of the completed Bodoni_Words_Template.ai or Caslon_Words_Template.ai worksheet.

  3. Your revised TypeCooker Lettering pieces.